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Designing for Humans — Accounting for Inclusivity and Accessibility

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The last hundred years or so have brought us a very, very long way. From the invention of the telephone and the automobile to telephones you can use to... order an automobile, technology has empowered and enabled not just gadgets and toys, but massive changes in the way we design, create, and produce objects of every size and shape. • And there are roughly seven billion people on this planet right now. So... who is all this stuff for? • • Sponsored by Harry’s: • • Discuss on Reddit: • • Empathy in Design: • Operational Video for Ricon Commercial Lifts: • Infuriating Wheelchair Ramps: • iOS VoiceOver: • Stevie Wonder on the iPhone: • BeMyEyes: • LEGO for Girls: • LEGO Friends: • Accessibility is For Everyone: • Proofreaders: Soroush Kahnlou, Steven Aquino, Christina Warren, Rene Ritchie, Ashley Williams, Doug Russell • • A very special thanks to all of these lovely Patreon supporters: • Ryan Nielsen • Abraham Vegh • Mark Bramhill • Sandro • Kyle Cronin • HackMac • Allen Pike • Dennis Bailey • Samuel Strickland • Brian Alvey • Curtis Herbert • Joshua Ouille • Ben McCarthy • Zach Kahn • Daniel Cacace • Pat McConnell • Klaas Pieter Annema • Bernd Goldschmidt • Garrett Allen • Matt Oram • Orta Therox • Kevin Korpi • • • • Published on Feb 25, 2015 • • As the much missed Alex King wrote: "Dave does a really nice job calling out things with a nice mix between “gentle nagging” and “teaching”. If everyone who makes things spent 6 minutes watching this video and then let it seep into their consciousness, I believe they would inherently ask more questions and consider more conditions as they strive to create a better product."

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