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   Access information made easy with video


Submitting a video link

Watch our step by step video

Making a video

For information on how to create a video using a smartphone, there is a really well made tutorial here: Link to youtube How to make good videos with your smartphone

Creating a YouTube channel

Go to and look at the bottom of the page. Click on “About” and there you should be able to find everything you need to know.

Writing a script

It is worth writing out a script beforehand, so even if you do not follow it exactly, you have a greater chance of making as good a job of it as you can.

Making your video accessible to blind visitors and deaf visitors

If you are able to do a commentary with your video, it is helpful to describe briefly the important information that would otherwise be conveyed visually, eg “Now I have reached the lift” or “The door is quite heavy”.

Remember, if you cannot do a commentary, there is nothing to stop you having a written script to accompany the video. Whether or not you have a commentary you can add the script into the box for the main text on our submission form. It is also worth putting the script onto the site where you are uploading the video. YouTube makes its own transcript but it is so problematic as to be frequently incomprehensible.

"Shove it - Shove it - Share it!"

The UK government issued "The Accessible Britain Challenge" on 4th September 2014. Our contribution is to extend an invitation to the county of Norfolk to participate in our "Shove it - Shove it - Share it!" initiative.

This is about using video to improve information about the things that make having a life possible for disabled people. So we invite you to choose a favourite venue (or product, or activity), and make a short video - which can be very simple - to show a disabled person what the accessibility is like. Remember, the things that make life possible for disabled people frequently make things easier for anyone else.

Shoot it

You can film it on your iPhone, webcam, digital camera, whatever you choose. It does not have to be Hollywood production, what is more important is talking it through if you can - see Link to Making your video accessible.

Shove it

YouTube is as good a place as any to put your video. You will need to create a channel, which is free. See Link to Ceating a YouTube channel. There are alternatives, such as Vimeo.

Share it

This is easy to do using our “Submit your video link” form. It will find it helpful to look through the website and make a note of the category and subcategory/ies where you would like the video to appear, for example, if you were adding a Tai Chi class, you would probably choose Sport /Fitness /Classes. Keywords, in this instance, might include balance, stamina, elderly, gentle, posture.


The DWP has produced a toolkit to help with the challenge, but we will be adding some links here as we come across other examples, such as the one listed below, the League of Historical and Accessible Cities. So if you have any you'd like to share, email us and we'll add them.

League of Historical and Accessible Cities:


Email us. We'll try to help.

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