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R82 Gazelle PS Standing Frame: Frances George, Physiotherapist.The Benefits of Abducted Standing

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For more information please read our Gazelle interactive workbook The consequences of progressive hip displacement are variable and can result in asymmetrical pressures, which can deform the femoral head and/or acetabulum (hip or acetabular dysplasia) and cause degeneration of articular cartilage, pain and limited range of movement. Hip dislocation is preventable through surveillance. early identification and appropriate intervention. Studies indicate a significant decrease in the incidence of hip dislocation after the implementation of a prevention programme. (Tanya Mayson 2011) In this video Frances George, physiotherapist at Humberston Park Special School, Grimsby explains the benefits of abducted standing for young children. Tel. 0121 561 2222 or

Keywords: Standing in Abduction


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