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SignVideo for Home

SignVideo for Home from SignVideo on Vimeo.

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Are you a deaf BSL user? Have you ever received a letter from a service provider (your GP or council perhaps) asking you to call them to book an appointment or discuss a matter? Well, then you know just how frustrating it is when there is no alternative way of getting in touch with them and you are forced to ask a hearing friend or relative to call them for you. This is where having instant access to a sign language interpreter via video, can make a huge difference. In addition to barriers to accessing information, social isolation can be a real threat for deaf BSL users especially the elderly. Our British Sign Language (BSL) video interpretation services can mean that life becomes much more accessible, bringing the deaf person closer to hearing family and friends, for example through phone calls using a sign language interpreter. Having phone calls relayed in BSL via video can increase your independence and make your life easier. You can: - Contact your hearing family and friends - Make personal appointments privately - Talk independently to your children’s teachers, find out information about services, arrange deliveries, buy tickets and many more – just like hearing people do - Contact customer service helplines easily - Have your letters translated from English to BSL, and from BSL to English when you write back You can apply for Direct Payment / Personal Budget to have SignVideo at home. Choose the best plan for you, just like you would with a mobile phone tariff. The next step for you is to contact your local social services and ask for a Direct Payment / Personal Budget assessment. You will find yours here: About SignVideo: Born in 2004, SignVideo is led by Jeff McWhinney, a well-known deaf entrepreneur who fights tirelessly for equality of the deaf and hearing community. Today, SignVideo, a predominantly deaf-led organisation, provides their service to the government, NHS, councils, UK banks, telecommunications providers, helplines and many other types of organisations. Read more and connect with SignVideo on social media at

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