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How to make good video with your smartphone

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Transcript of captions: Hello • These days we all use a smart phone • You can film with it, but what if you want to shoot a really good school assignment • • Do’s and don’ts • Make sure you always have a script before you are going to film • A script is nothing but your ideas written out on paper • What should be in it? • The title, the subject……what is your film about in the first place • Make sure there is a clear build up • Write out the lines too, this gives your actors or presenters something to hold on to • Think first about how you want to translate your ideas into images • You could make small drawings of the shots you are going to make, it will give you an overview • • • Portrait or landscape • When you shoot like this (portrait) it looks good but in editing this is what you get, two black bars. • When you do it like this (landscape) it looks good too but no black bars! • But yeah f you like black bars, just keep shooting like this in portrait • • Tripod • A lot of times you will shoot handheld but it doesn’t always give a stable image • To prevent this from happening use some sort of support or a tripod • • Shots • Your story can be told in a lot of different ways • That’s why you should try to make shots from different viewpoints • • Backlight • When you film with the light coming from the back, your subject, that’s me will become dark • But when the cameraman and I change places; “Come on Jesper” • Then the light falls on the subject and all of a sudden you can see me • So always take care to let the light fall on the subject • • Focusing • Most phones focus all on their own • Usually that’s okay but sometimes it isn’t • Focusing takes place in this little square • So when you make a shot of two people and your smart phone focuses exactly between them • The background is in focus but not your subject! • Aim at one of the two people and keep pressing the square • You’ll lock the auto focus and your subject will stay in focus • • Sound • Good sound as important as good shots • If you have the possibility to use an external mic, do so • What do you need? • A special cable that you put in your phone • And the microphone is connected to it • So now you have a good quality sound, but make sure it is a battery powered microphone • Or you won’t hear anything • If you can’t use an external microphone • Go to shoot in a quiet place and hold your camera at 1 metre distance • That’s one metre distance • • Check! • After filming, check that everything worked well, so you don’t run into problems editing • • Editing • When you’ve finished filming and you’re going to start editing • Create a new project first • Import your scenes, and later export your film somewhere you can find it again • Name your sources • • So… • Make sure you have a good script • Shoot with light falling on your subject • Use good sound • Make multiple shots • Always shoot Landscape • And save your film somewhere you will be able to find it again • And don’t forget; the best camera you have is the camera you have with you • • “yeah, hi, I’ve just finished” • “what, yeah again? …bye” •

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