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SignVideo for Customer Services

SignVideo for Customer Services from SignVideo on Vimeo.

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SignVideo gives deaf people using BSL independence, by allowing them to make telephone calls confidently to hearing people through fully qualified interpreters. With SignVideo calls can be made via a computer, tablet or smartphone, enabling deaf British Sign Language users to have equal access to your customer services. There are three ways to use SignVideo to improve your customer service accessibility for your deaf or hard of hearing customers that use BSL. SIGNVIDEO LIVE: An online, live BSL video interpreting service accessed via a button on your website which allows a deaf customer to call through to your normal customer services call centre. When a deaf BSL user clicks on the link, they are connected via their PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, to one of our interpreters who will relay the call live to your customer services agent as any normal call would occur. There is no need for additional equipment or special training for your staff – just a business as usual phone call. SIGNVIDEO ON SITE: An in-branch Video Remote Interpreting solution which uses the SignVideo live interpreting service via a tablet, enabling two co-located people, the customer service representative and the deaf customer to converse normally using a video-based interpreter to relay the conversation. This is a huge time saver as there is no longer the need to wait up to two weeks for a face-to-face interpreter. SIGNVIDEO MOBILE: A mobile Video Remote Interpreting Service which allows employees on the move or who are out and about meeting deaf customers, to connect instantly to a BSL interpreter via their mobile phone who can then relay the conversation live between them. This service works via a simple, one-off download onto an iOS or Android device. About SignVideo: Born in 2004, SignVideo is led by Jeff McWhinney, a well-known deaf entrepreneur who fights tirelessly for equality of the deaf and hearing community. Today, SignVideo, a predominantly deaf-led organisation, provides their service to the government, NHS, councils, UK banks, telecommunications providers, helplines and many other types of organisations. Read more and connect with SignVideo on social media at (The user selected 'digital technology' as the 'main category')

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