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ROUTE4U Route planner for wheelchair users

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For millions of wheelchair users our world is not always comfortable. • Not always safe. Not always fulfilling. • Our world is unequal and at Route4U we strive to change that. We empower our users to create more equality. • Route4U is a map and a route planner and our users add accessibility information. They can collect data manually and by the sensors of their smartphones. We convert this data into information about the best routes, road surfaces and sidewalk kerbs. • Our users can also edit accessibility information of places like restaurants, offices or hotels. • As a result a wheelchair or pram user will be able to find the right places and ways. And the collected data can also be a source of more mindful accessibility improvements. • Join us in changing the world to a comfortable, safe and fulfilling place for all of us. Join Route4U!

Keywords: wheelchair, route planner, navigation


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