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Getting your legs into bed with the Theracare Leg Lifter

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In this video you will see the Theracare Leg Lifter: a cost-effective way to get legs into bed – independently and safely • • • The Theracare Leg Lifter from Theraposture has been designed to enable users to safely and easily get their legs into bed. This simple daily task can prove difficult or even impossible for many people who may have lost muscle tone and therefore strength and general mobility. • • • The Leg Lifter is compatible with most types of bed whether they are non-adjustable or adjustable. It will comfortably lift legs up, over and onto the sleeping surface, requiring very little movement or repositioning. This Theraposture solution is unlike alternative leg lifters that simply lift the legs beside the bed, which is the key difference that distinguishes the Theracare Leg Lifter from many alternative devices available. The motor is quiet and strong enough to lift severely oedemic (swollen) legs. • • • Reduce carer intervention, maximise independence and eliminate care costs with the Leg Lifter from Theraposture. • • • Freephone: 0800 834654

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